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#1 2019-08-05 14:01:02

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Turn the battery on after error state (4036 settings)

I have another setup question, this time I used a switch on DI0 and 4036 = 2 for turning the battery on.

When the voltage is exceeded, the relay is switched off (=ERROR), but unfortunately the relay does not switch on again when the voltage drops, only when I click on the switch it jumps again.

Is it possible to set this up somewhere, or do I have to put a button and use option 1 on the 4036 to activate it again automatically, without having to click the switch?

Mr Punch


#2 2019-08-05 14:15:09

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Re: Turn the battery on after error state (4036 settings)

In fact the system (BMS) works as designed. When there is an error (high voltage, cells overcharged) then the battery disconnects. Even if the disconnect condition has been cleared, the battery must be turned on manually (kind of acknowledge, reset action).

1) the system should be designed the way that error state does not occur normally (prevent overcharge other way than disconnecting the main relay)
2) set 4036 = 1 in order to automatically turn the battery on (no hardware button keyswitch needed)


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