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List of BMS components

(VAT not included)

CPU module PCB (109 EUR)
CPU module PCB with CAN (122 EUR)
Measurement module PCB 100mA balancing (67 EUR)
Measurement module PCB 1A balancing (99 EUR)
Temperature sensor 70cm (6 EUR)
Temperature sensor 100cm (7 EUR)
Temperature sensor 140cm (8 EUR)
Bluetooth module HC06 (11 EUR)
400A Current sensor Tamura, with PCB (45 EUR)
ETH module USR-T2 (BMS server) (31 EUR)

special order:

3D printed enclosure (or use metal spacers) (9 EUR)
Latching relay 100A (12 EUR)
Latching relay 2x200A (38 EUR)
Latching PCB (29 EUR)
200A Current sensor, with PCB (20 EUR)
addon for current sensor PCB -MOSFET switch 30A (14 EUR)
SD card 256MB (2.5 EUR)
1 year contribution fee BMS server (40 EUR)
1 year GSM conectivity O2 SIM (40 EUR)
1 hour email / telephone support (60 EUR)
Support on this forum (free)


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